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#MeToo Masculinity, Male Privilege & Consent Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide on Masculinity, Male Privilege & Consent

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360 Degree Day of Healing, Empowerment, and Strength

A 360 Degree Day of Healing is a moment in your own community in which you take ownership of the issues of gender equality and safety. This day is not about an event or a particular speaker. Rather it is a chance to build out community support and understanding, creating a center of empathy that guides you in your work on behalf of all women and girls.

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Grooming is the process in which sexual predators gain the trust of children, teenagers, or vulnerable adults with the intent to sexually abuse them

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Black Churches and Sexual Violence

With an increase in child sexual abuse cases in the Roman Catholic Church, along with various Black church denominations including the largest Pentecostal body in the world, the Church of God In Christ (see, it has become increasingly apparent that there is not a widespread, public, and national conversation about children and the sexual violence they experience both within and outside of Black church communities.

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Healing Justice Practice Spaces: A How-To Guide

A Healing Justice Practice Space (HJPS) is an all-gender, allbodied, inclusive and accessible space for practicing and receiving healing that is built in partnership with social justice movement work and sites of political action.

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