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Annual Report 2023

Engaging in movement work is a transformative journey, filled with moments of resilience amidst challenges. At me too. International, we understand the hardships, but we also know the profound worth of our endeavors. We are in a constant state of learning, community building, and perseverance, even in the face of adversity.

The #MeToo movement may have begun as a moment, but it has evolved into a powerful force for survivor justice, extending far beyond a mere instant in time. As we reflect on our collective achievements, we remain committed to envisioning a future where safety and healing are not just aspirations, but realities.

Our annual report, “A Pathway to Healing,” invites you to celebrate the strides we’ve made over the past year and the work being done toward healing. Through deeper community engagement and global expansion, we’ve recognized that survivors inhabit every facet of society. Therefore, the path to survivor justice cannot exist in isolation. We believe in collective care through education, awareness, and resource sharing, essential elements in our journey toward healing.

Despite the persistent challenges posed by the pandemic, we’ve remained dedicated to supporting our community. We’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to collective healing, demonstrating our commitment to progress and resilience.

As a small but mighty team, we recognize that our impact stems from our deep connection to the community. Together, we forge a pathway to healing, united in our pursuit of a safer, more just world.

To access the full report, you can download it here.

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