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Annual Report 2022

Movement work is a journey. There are moments when the work is hard, but it is always worth it. me too. International is constantly learning, building community, and of course, continuing to do movement work, even when it feels tough. We continue to reflect on what we have collectively accomplished, while also looking ahead and envisioning the safer future we know is possible. The hashtag #metoo may have seemed like a moment in time but the survivor justice movement is so much more than a moment. We invite you to take part in the celebration of the work ‘me too’ has done over the past year. Take a moment to read through our annual report, More Than a Moment

Through deeper community building, we have learned that survivors exist in all movements and spaces and therefore, the work of survivor justice can not exist in a silo. Collective care through education, awareness, and resource sharing are some of the ways in which we demonstrate this value, and we are grateful to be able to show up in that way, particularly over the last year, despite the relentless challenges of the pandemic. 

We are astounded by all we have accomplished as a community and steadfast in our dedication to the fruitful progress that has yet to come. Our team may be small but through movement work we are mighty. Our connection to our community is the driving force behind our impact.

To access the full report, click on the image below or download HERE.

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