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There are many ways to support the survivors in your life. Let us help you figure it out.

Support can look like so many things. Listening, believing, and asking how you can help are just a few ways you can be there for a survivor of sexual violence.

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25 Things Parents Should Know About Child Sexual Abuse

Mothers of Sexually Abused Children (MOSAC) offers 25 things parents should know about child sexual abuse, ranging from statistics, signs to look for, key concepts and definitions, suggestions, and additional resources.

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How to Support a Survivor Who Discloses to You

Supporting someone who identifies as a survivor is both tremendously important and difficult. You might have trouble fully understanding what they’re going through and feel unsure of how best to respond, or you might have personal experiences of your own that make supporting them a challenge in its own right. The following steps provide tips and guides for moving through the disclosure conversation.

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Self Care While Supporting Survivors

Survivors often support other survivors, even when they don’t disclose. Taking care of yourself in the process of supporting others is monumental. It’s important to continue with your regular activities and stick to a healthy, balanced schedule. Check your feelings of not having been there to “save” your friend, family member or associate from assault.

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Tips on Supporting Someone Who Hasn’t Disclosed

While the only way you can truly know if someone in your life has experienced sexual violence is through their disclosure to you, there are proactive steps you can take to support loved ones you suspect might be a survivor. Remember, sexual assault happens across generations, class, religious affiliation, race, ability, sexual orientation and gender identity. Anyone can be a survivor.

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Our Work

Our programs are for those looking to heal in community or as individuals, and for those ready to step into leadership in the work to end sexual violence.

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