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Social & Political Framework

me too. International is proud to announce our Social & Political Framework. This organizational framework documents and publicizes a theory of change that makes plain the intersections of the survivor justice movement and how the disruption of sexual violence dismantles other systems of harm.

Survivors, you are the center of our work. What you are about to read is all the language we could find to sum up our fundamental truth: we are a movement of survivors focused on healing and action. We are bonded by and deeply committed to you because there is no movement, no organization, and no hashtag without you.

Whether you are one of the millions of people who said #MeToo online or quietly to yourself, we are using the me too. International Social and Political Framework to speak directly to what we saw and heard in the aftermath of that transformative, viral moment in 2017. Since that time, we have continued to listen, learn, and refine our understanding of survivor justice to meet you in your homes, workplaces, community spaces, and places of worship.

At the conclusion of this document, it is our profound desire that you not only come away with a deeper understanding about our organization, me too. International, but also you feel like ‘me too.’ is a place where you can find a political home that genuinely supports you.

Check out the full Social & Political Framework below or download HERE. To download the Framework Two-Pager, click HERE.

Check out the full Spanish version of the Social and Political Framework below or download HERE.