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‘me too.’ fights to help survivors heal while working to change the status quo. While there is no price on healing, we know that the estimated lifetime cost of rape, factoring in things like medical costs and loss of work is $122,461 for every survivor.

As a small team, we are building towards a massive mission. We work to keep the conversation on survivors by centering the lived experiences of those most marginalized in the movement (black, POC, indigenous, disabled, queer, trans, youth and femmes), and affirming our right to healing and joy.

We know that this requires investment at every level: individual, institutional and systemic. We know that this movement needs you.

Our work impacts survivor communities by providing access to resources that support survivors along their healing journeys. Every donation, big and small, allows that impact to ripple out into the world.

Your contribution helps make public events accessible with translation and sign language interpretation, maintain programming that is always at no cost to survivors, deliver mental health support, and provide food and childcare stipends for survivors.

If you are interested in discussing corporate sponsorship, a significant and/or multi-year gift please contact Amanda Bonilla,