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#MeToo Five-Year Impact Study

What has ‘me too.’ made possible?

For the 5th anniversary of the viral #MeToo hashtag, me too. International will produce and distribute an impact study, taking a look at how the pivotal moment in the movement to end sexual violence in October 2017 marked seismic shifts across the globe, in specific sectors and industries in the U.S. In collaboration with Social Insights research firm, we are conducting literature reviews, focus groups, and surveys to chart the movement’s progress. The research will be accompanied by essays and interviews, featuring some of today’s brightest thinkers, leaders and cultural practitioners who are curious to explore the movement at the intersections of race, gender, and power, embolden us to actualize a world free from sexual violence, and answer the question, “what’s at stake if we don’t?.”

To learn more about the impact study and how you can be involved, email Denise Beek at