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The League of Disruptors

The League of Disruptors is a group of supporters who are empowered to give a recurring monthly donation. As a grassroots organization doing the work of a global movement, the strength of our work is a direct result of the consistent support of our community. When survivors, allies, and other community members feel empowered to give, the rippling impact of our collective power can’t be denied. The ‘me too.’ community has shown up to marches, spoken out against the systems that enable sexual violence, and illustrated political power in mass.

Now we invite you to join The League of Disruptors and further strengthen me too. International’s ability to support survivor leadership, shift the cultural norms that enable harm, and provide healing opportunities as we move closer to a safer world for us all. 

Here’s what to expect as a League of Disruptors member:

  • Get exclusive quarterly impact updates & announcements
  • Gain early access to special events
  • Have the opportunity to share with the team your insights and interests to help improve our work
  • Receive public recognition on our website and annual reports*
  • Receive a special, limited edition gift at the end of the year

*Please notify if you do not want to be listed or would like to remain anonymous.

Are you ready to add your name to The League of Disruptors?