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SAAM 2024: What’s Self-Love Got to do With it?

Sexual Assault Awareness Month : What’s Self-Love Got to do With it?

Self-love is an integral aspect of the journey towards survivorship. By embracing healing and practicing gentleness, survivors can shed the burden of guilt stemming from their trauma and rediscover self-love. Pleasure serves as a powerful catalyst in survivors’ healing process. This year, for SAAM, we prioritize pleasure and self-love as essential components of the healing journey for survivors. This April, we’re doubling down on our six-year commitment to reaffirm the significance of self-love and pleasure within the survivorship journey. We understand that healing isn’t always a straightforward path; it often involves unlearning old beliefs to rediscover our true selves. We’re thrilled to announce our partnerships with Better Help and pleasure activist Dr. Sami Schalk to anchor this message of prioritizing self-love and pleasure. Together, we’re offering a wealth of resources designed to enrich your healing journey through the lens of pleasure. 

Survivor's Sanctuary Workshop: I Have a Right to Pleasure with Dr. Sami Schalk

Join members of Survivor’s Sanctuary for the next installment in a series of bi-monthly workshops in April, and June. ‘me too.’ has invited content experts to bring Survivor’s Sanctuary themes to life in interactive workshops. Members are invited to build community and deepen their healing journey as we collectively explore healing in action.

This month, we will continue the series with Dr.Sami Schalk. Dr. Schalk is an associate professor of Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a fat, Black, queer, disabled femme whose research focuses on disability, race, and gender in contemporary American literature and culture. Dr. Schalk is the author of Bodyminds Reimagined: (Dis)ability, Race, and Gender in Black Women’s Speculative Fiction and Black Disability Politics. She is a pleasure activist and artist whose writing, modeling, and self-photography works insist on pleasure both as a political issue and a source of power for marginalized people.

Together, we will explore the role of pleasure in our lives and how we can access it on purpose.

This workshop will center the experiences of survivors of the global majority.

Interested in being a part of the conversation? Register today to hold your spot. Space is limited.

Registration Link:

*ASL, Spanish Interpretation, and live closed captioning provided.