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Shifting the narrative about sexual violence is critical to interrupting its dynamics. See how we work to reframe survivorhood, healing, and the future of the movement.

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We Cannot End Racism Without Listening To Sexual Violence Survivors

July 7, 2020 • Elle Magazine

The fight for racial justice and the fight to end sexual violence are inextricably linked. Sexual violence and racism plague our nation and have resulted in harm for hundreds of years for Black women and women of color. From Recy Taylor to Oluwatoyin Salau; from Thomas Jefferson to Daniel Holtzclaw; from chattel slavery to the prison industrial complex, these issues are part of a long history that starts at the place where racism and patriarchy meet, and where power and privilege were seeded.

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#MeToo Founder Tarana Burke: Why Hollywood Needs More Employees Like Gabrielle Union

July 1, 2020

Gabrielle Union is unique. She is what older black folks would call a “born truth-teller.” She’s a person that is going to be physically uncomfortable not standing in her truth. It’s important to have people like that in your workplace and your life.

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#MeToo Movement Leaders Announce The Survivors’ Agenda: A survivor-led collective creating change & building power’

June 24, 2020

The multi-dimensional initiative by ‘me too.’ International, Justice for Migrant Women, National Domestic Workers Alliance, National Women’s Law Center, and a host of other national […]

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‘me too.’ Stands In Defense of Black Life

June 5, 2020

As survivors, we are often directed to rely on law enforcement, but unfortunately, we are all too familiar with how this system fails us, especially those of us who are Black survivors. We also know that sexual violence is the second-highest form of police misconduct in the nation, following excessive force. We are directly connected to the work of ending police brutality, as our collective healing depends upon the liberation of the most marginalized.

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After #MeToo Part 1: Sam Bee and Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke talks to Samantha Bee about the impact of the hashtag, what it may look like in the future, and the power of survivors coming together in numbers.

After #MeToo Part 2: Sam Bee and Tarana Burke

Samantha Bee continues her conversation with Tarana Burke about the importance of the language surrounding ‘me too.’, and how some have diverted attention away from the survivors and onto the abusers. They also discuss redemption and the steps needed to achieve that goal.