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Media Kit

In October 2017, The ‘me too.’ Movement was thrust into mainstream consciousness when millions of survivors came forward in less than 24 hours, sharing their experience with sexual violence. In the first 24 hours, there were 12 million Facebook posts and over 1 million Tweets using the #metoo hashtag, propelling the long-awaited discussion about consent, gender, and power onto the global stage. Since then, more than 85 countries have created their own #metoo brands, gatherings, and conversations, and upwards of 40 million mentions in social media content and major headlines.

Despite media popularity, we work diligently to refocus the conversation about sexual violence through narrative, research-based and social interventions. Our work to deepen this expansive movement (#MeToo) happens in the following ways:

Center survivors – what we think, what we want, what we need.
Open pathways to healing for all people as a form of action.
Activate ourselves as courageous individuals building courageous communities.
Engage with advocates, supporters, and global citizens to take action in their communities.
Collaborate with brands, institutions and organizations to address issues of power, privilege and consent.

‘me too.’ isn’t a trend; it’s a movement to address sexual violence as a public health crisis, a human rights issue, and a pervasive form of systemic violence. We have the reach and moral authority to change public discourse around sexual assault, accountability and restorative justice.

E-mail subscribers

Our email communications is a platform to share news and updates from the organization and alert our supporters of specific calls to action they can take to support survivors.

Facebook page

The ‘me too.’ Facebook page is used to share updates about the organization and articles that are relevant to the mission to encourage conversation with the intention of centering the experiences of survivors.


We use Twitter as a platform for real-time conversations with followers that focus on topics ranging from survivors resilience, self-care, empathy, and shifting the narrative to center the experiences of survivors.


Our Instagram page is used as a platform to visually highlight the experiences of survivors and feature partnerships with different mission-aligned organizations and entities (including public figures, influencers, entrepreneurs, and brands).

For more info about our reach and communities, contact Denise Beek,