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me too. International Calls for a Ceasefire

Updated: 11/15/23
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We received some feedback from survivors asking for clarity about our statement. We stand unequivocally with ALL survivors of sexual violence in this moment, including Israeli women who have given horrific accounts of gender-based violence in the last month. 

We are clear that the acts of gender-based violence that we are seeing across the globe in places like Israel, Palestine, Sudan, Congo, and Tigray are why we continue to raise our voices for survivor justice. As a global movement rooted in Black feminism and driven by principles of anti-violence and anti-patriarchy, me too. International recognizes that sexual violence often functions as a weapon of war and imperialism. Sexual violence has been used in many periods of war as a tactic to intimidate and punish innocent civilians and as a tool of genocide and ethnic cleansing aimed at destroying communities. Conflict-related sexual violence is acknowledged as a war crime under international law, but accountability and justice for survivors under the law remain difficult to enforce.

me too. International remains in unwavering solidarity with survivors of sexual violence and the most marginalized populations who have been attacked and dehumanized at the hands of global conflict and genocide. These abhorrent acts violate fundamental human rights and international law and continue to inflict immeasurable suffering and trauma on the most vulnerable. The horrors of war cannot justify the use of sexual violence as a means of warfare, and it is our collective responsibility and mission to advocate for the eradication of this suffering and continue the fight toward a more equitable world for all, regardless of sex, race, nationality or class.

What we have been witnessing is a humanitarian crisis. Thousands of people have been killed, injured, displaced, or deprived of basic human necessities like water, food, and medical care – including pregnant and nursing women and children. To prevent further loss of life and resources, we urgently call for an immediate ceasefire in all conflict zones. We call upon all government officials, fellow citizens, and the international community to unite in support of an immediate end to the siege of Gaza and the immediate release of humanitarian aid to the region.

me too. International remains committed to survivor justice – which includes reproductive justice and fundamental human rights in all forms. We will continue to amplify these global issues of sexual violence in conflict, support survivors, and work to create a more just and equitable world where violence in any form is no longer tolerated.