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me too. International, in Collaboration With Wisdom Fashion House Launch Limited-Edition ‘Disrupt Rape Culture’ Merchandise

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Media Contact: Denise Beek,

‘me too.’ International, in Collaboration With Wisdom Fashion House
Launch Limited-Edition ‘Disrupt Rape Culture’ Merchandise

Designed by creative director and cultural engineer Fresco Steez in service to Sexual Assault Awareness Month, this capsule collection aims to spark dialogue that challenges the thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that allow for the proliferation of sexual violence 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021—Today, me too. International and Wisdom Fashion House launched a limited edition ‘Disrupt Rape Culture’ short and long-sleeve shirts. Conceptualized and designed by creative director and cultural producer Fresco Steez, the ombre, garment-dyed, size-inclusive statement pieces are priced at $37-$43 and come in three different colors that boast the words, “Disrupt Rape Culture.” The back displays the definition of rape culture and ways to disrupt it, sending the message that “every day, we have an opportunity to disrupt rape culture.”

“‘Disrupt Rape Culture’ is a call to action for each of us to step in every day and interrupt the thoughts and behaviors that create the foundation for sexual violence to exist in our communities, at home, in our schools, and workplaces,” Fresco Steez said. “The concept for this drop was inspired by Wisdom Fashion House’s ‘End Rape Culture’ clothing campaign, and my desire to see streetwear be merged with one of the most powerful movements of our time. We are committed to ending sexual violence, one brave decision, one courageous interaction at a time.” 

Wisdom Fashion House, a Black-owned, Atlanta-based contemporary luxury and street-wear brand that launched an “End Rape Culture” campaign of their own in 2018, is no stranger to the importance of fusing fashion with survivor and social justice. 

“Back in 2018, we felt it necessary to start our own open dialogue and help create a safe space for survivors and others to share and educate each other on the realities of sexual assault. Now, as we collaborate with ‘me too.’  and Fresco, our goal is to take this conversation to the next level, expand our reach and highlight those who actively disrupt rape culture around the world,” says Latif Rashad, Wisdom’s founder. 

‘Disrupt Rape Culture’ is also the core theme of ‘me too.’s month-long Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign, which included the premiere of an animated short, You Don’t Have to be a Superhero To Disrupt Rape Culture; a photo series titled, “Where Does Rape Culture Happen?,and a virtual discussion and teach-in event with support from Movement for Black Lives. All activations were designed to encourage others to commit to stepping up and intervening in the places where rape culture exists in order to help create a world free of sexual violence. For more information about rape culture, and how anyone can be a disruptor, please visit

“We are so excited to announce our first line of merchandise in collaboration with Wisdom Fashion House, and Fresco Steez, whose work I’ve admired for so long,” says ‘me too.’ founder Tarana Burke. “During Sexual Assault Awareness Month, it felt so important for us to talk about rape culture because it is the ecosystem in which sexual violence is situated. I’ve said this before, but we cannot change the culture if we don’t do the work to re-socialize ourselves around the way we respond to assault and violence. This campaign takes rape culture apart, and having our message out there in beautiful design with tangible ways to disrupt, we are advancing the conversation, and thus, the movement.” 

Produced with a limited run, the ‘Disrupt Rape Culture’ shirts will be sold on in blush, earth, and teal tones, sizes XS-XXL for $37 (short sleeve) and $43 (long sleeve). 

About me too. International

me too. International serves as a convener, thought leader, and organizer across the mainstream and the grassroots to address systems that allow for the proliferation of sexual violence, specifically in Black, queer, trans, disabled, and all communities of color. Leveraging its model and framework, grounded in existing research and theory, ‘me too.’ centers individual and community healing and transformation, empowerment through empathy, shifting cultural narratives and practices and advancing a global survivor-led movement to end sexual violence. The ‘me too.’ website has toolkits, a directory, and healing support specialists who can connect survivors with counselors, therapy centers, and other resources. You can get help or find resources by visiting our site at, or emailing us at

About Wisdom Fashion House

Wisdom fashion house is a contemporary street-wear and luxury clothing brand. We offer a high street-wear selection which includes our graphic-based designs under our Wisdom Logo, as well as a luxury wear cut and sew selection under our Wisdom Fashion House label.

WISDOM is multidimensional. Our Fashion House speaks to the knowers―those who acknowledge their intuitive nature. We create specifically for the knowers, because in our world prophets are crucified. Knowers see from all perspectives of life and as a result are outcast for their understanding. We believe this trait to be an ability to get stories across to all ages and races. We exist as radiating light with the purpose of nourishing the community and our social climate. Wisdom focuses on the now, allowing your mind and body to think and express for itself. When you wear Wisdom you are among the few in the know. Wisdom is Knowing Yourself.

About Fresco Steez

Fresco Steez is a community organizer, designer, and cultural engineer. She’s designed creative concepts for movements like the Movement for Black Lives, Black Lives Matter, and The ‘me too.’ Movement. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Fresco began organizing at the age of 14, leading her to dedicate her life to the fight for Black liberation. Fresco is a co-founder of BYP100 (Black Youth Project 100), a member-based organization of Black youth activists, where she served as the Minister of Culture and developed the phrase Unapologetically Black. Fresco compounds design, political education, and Black culture, to create tools that inspire people to take action. She is committed to a Black liberation experience that frees ALL Black people and follows in the Black radical traditions of our ancestors.