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me too. International launches new “Love Letters” campaign


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me too. International is proud to announce the launch of its newest initiative, “Love Letters,” focused on supporting survivors of sexual violence, starting with a love letter to Black men. Through this campaign, me too. International seeks to honor and recognize survivors of sexual violence. We felt that beginning with our love for Black men was a vital step in an ongoing effort to close any perceived gap between our work and the wider community, especially any perception that our Movement doesn’t see Black men as part of the solution to end sexual violence.

While 1 in 10 children will undergo some form of child sexual abuse before turning 18, research on how this statistic affects Black boys is limited, which is telling in itself about how Black boys are left out of the conversation. Nevertheless, there’s a wealth of evidence indicating a significant number of Black boys have endured such experiences. Unfortunately, there’s a glaring lack of supportive and safe spaces for Black men who’ve suffered from sexual violence to seek help and find healing.

As part of the “Love Letters” campaign, me too. International will release a series of heartfelt messages and expressions of support for survivors. These “Love Letters” will serve as a reminder that survivors are not alone and that their voices matter. Survivorhood crosses economic classes, gender, race, sexual orientation, and every community is impacted by it. These love letters express the connectedness between us. 

me too. International invites individuals and organizations worldwide to join in supporting the “Love Letters” campaign and spreading our message of hope and healing to survivors of sexual violence everywhere.

You can listen to or read the first “Love Letter” to Black men via our Instagram.