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me too. International’s Statement on the Murder of Tyre Nichols

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 3rd, 2023

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me too. International’s Statement on the Murder of Tyre Nichols

Tyre Nichols is the latest in a long line of Black people murdered by the protectors of a brutally unjust system – his life cut short by overzealous preservers of a system built upon white supremacist ideology. No matter the skin color of the perpetrators, the fact remains- state-sanctioned abuse falls squarely on the backs of the most marginalized groups by design. 

Although these moments knock the wind from our sails, we continue to hold the system accountable and fight. 

The system that enables state-sanctioned murders is the same system that enables sexual violence – a system, built to uphold power through means of brutality, degradation, and much much more. We work in direct opposition to this system fighting for and demanding a world that prioritizes the lives of marginalized groups and preserves their safety through care and compassion rather than brute force. 

For us, care looks like community-centered work, crafted and upheld by those actually impacted by policy and practice, like the cultivation of mutual aid, like the uplifting and centering of art that allows the free expression of our grief, loss, joy, and happiness, and like the true recognition that to care is to value life above profit and power. 

We don’t have all of the answers, and at times, it seems like the answer is too far to grasp. Still, what we do have is collective care. A care that can hold the state accountable while showing compassion to those directly impacted by this violence. Tyre should be here. He should be continuing to capture his love of skateboarding and beautiful sunsets. He should be able to receive the care we all are fighting for. 

We will not stop calling out state-sanctioned violence. We will not stop fighting to dismantle a harmful system. But, most of all, we will not stop fighting for a world that puts community care first.

We imagine a future where state violence does not rip away the lives of Black people. A future where Tyre can skate freely and feel the freedom of the wind on his skin. We imagine a future where the lives of Tyre and those that look like him are safe, able to heal together, and able to grow together.