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‘me too.’ Stands In Defense of Black Life

The last few weeks have left us heavy-hearted, filled with rage and hopelessness. We are hurt by yet another demonstration of racism with the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and others who have lost their lives to state-sanctioned tyranny that stems from capitalism and white supremacy.

We feel a deep sadness for the Black families who feel the neverending stress and anxiety of this moment, and for those who will never get to see their loved ones again because of police terrorism.

This Movement works to address the multiple and overlapping layers of oppression – the public health crises we are currently experiencing is exacerbated by the interlocking systems of domination – sexism, racism, ableism, and classism.

As survivors, we are often directed to rely on law enforcement, but unfortunately, we are all too familiar with how this system fails us, especially those of us who are Black survivors. We also know that sexual violence is the second-highest form of police misconduct in the nation, following excessive force. We are directly connected to the work of ending police brutality, as our collective healing depends upon the liberation of the most marginalized.

At this time, it’s critical to call this moment what it is. A demand to end systemic racism and white supremacy. To call it anything other than that is a direct refusal to acknowledge the full humanity of Black life. It is a way of deeming who is and isn’t worthy of healing and justice.

As a Black-led organization committed to the power of organizing, we stand with protestors; we stand with reporters and journalists documenting the actions being taken and exposing the truths that need to be told. We lift up our elders who have taught us how to resist, push back, and forge ahead, and the young people trying to make sense of this moment, finding their way, and carrying on the legacy of revolution. We know that there’s no one way to justice, and the desire to re-imagine and build a better, safer world for all of us is a fire that burns in our bellies and keeps us fighting.

Join us in the defense of Black life. Lift your voice and use your platform to say “enough is enough.” Follow the work of Movement for Black Lives (@mvmt4blklives), and donate to organizations working on the frontlines in your neighborhood. You can donate to M4BL’s mutual aid fund here. Also, take the space you need to heal, rest, and prioritize your wellness. We’re in this for the long haul.