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Survivor Story Series


Survivor Story Series: Anonymous

Every 98 seconds, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted and a new survivor is forced to carry a burden no one should.
This is an anonymous survivors' story. Many of us experience violence in our own communities and don’t find justice or healing in traditional ways. To anyone who has had the courage to speak up, and then let go: We see you. We hear you. We believe you.


Survivor Story Series: Terry’s Story

1 in 6 men will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. Sexual violence isn’t about sex, it’s about power—exerting one’s will on another. This is Terry Crews’ story. Choosing to come forward can be the catalyst for courage that we need to demystify survivorhood. We are grateful for his bravery.


Survivor Story Series: Daniela’s Story

Daniela, a domestic worker, talks about the challenges of finding support when speaking up comes with the risk of deportation and incarceration. Daniela found healing through her activism and fighting for the rights of domestic workers.


Survivor Story Series: Emily’s Story

Black girls are constantly faced with the message that they must remain complicit in the abuse they experience in intimate partner relationships. Emily Waters talks about freeing herself from that toxic idea through community and movement. This is Emily’s survivor story.

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