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There is healing in action

What we mean by healing in action

We believe that healing is a form of action, and that taking action helps us to heal. When we as survivors embark on a healing journey, we are breaking free of the hold that sexual violence has on our lives. We take back control from the harm-doers who depend on our silence. We realize the many ways in which sexual violence permeates our society, we become more likely to recognize its dynamics, and better equipped to interrupt them.

Because sexual violence is a community problem that deserves a community response, there is a role for everyone to play. We know this because in October of 2017, 19 million people said ‘me too.’, changing the way we talk about sexual violence. And that was just the beginning. Reframing the conversation challenges the systems of oppression that endanger us all. Together, we have the power to shift culture and build safer futures.

The Survivors' Agenda

The Survivors’ Agenda is a survivor-led initiative in partnership with several national organizations working to build collective power, create radical healing pathways, and develop new action plans for our communities.

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Action Toolkits

These toolkits are designed for individuals who are ready to take action, and are looking for ways to help interrupt sexual violence.

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Organizations in Action

We believe that taking action can be a tool for healing. Here are some organizations working every day to end sexual violence in their communities.

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#MeTooVoter is a campaign in partnership with national groups designed to organize sexual assault survivors and work with political leaders to put forward real solutions that address, prevent, and eradicate sexual violence and harassment.

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