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There is healing in action

What we mean by healing in action

We believe that healing is a form of action, and that taking action helps us to heal. When we as survivors embark on a healing journey, we are breaking free of the hold that sexual violence has on our lives. We take back control from the harm-doers who depend on our silence. We realize the many ways in which sexual violence permeates our society, we become more likely to recognize its dynamics, and better equipped to interrupt them.

Because sexual violence is a community problem that deserves a community response, there is a role for everyone to play. We know this because in October of 2017, 19 million people said ‘me too.’, changing the way we talk about sexual violence. And that was just the beginning. Reframing the conversation challenges the systems of oppression that endanger us all. Together, we have the power to shift culture and build safer futures.

Beyond The Hashtag

In 2017, survivors’ voices erupted a movement, forcing our country to grapple with its ever-present rape culture problem. Four years later, we have created spaces for people to tell their truths, have difficult conversations, and for survivors to find community. We’re going #BeyondTheHashtag and amplifying the work being done to disrupt rape culture. me too. International was founded to carry forth the charge of radical community healing and action. The vision? Asserting that the transformation of oppressive systems, narratives, and cultures—grounded in survivors’ lived experiences and leadership—fosters generative solutions, practices, and relationships. A world free of sexual violence awaits us all, #BeyondTheHashtag—take action to disrupt rape culture today.


Heal on purpose today.

Our founder, Tarana Burke, often says: you cannot adjudicate healing. And what we know for a fact is that worldwide, survivors have learned that justice systems fall short in providing recovery. But something profound happens when we heal on purpose. Something deep within our being transforms. The journey is not linear; it’s often rocky with valley lows. But it’s a journey we—survivors—are worthy of.

Today, we launch a self-guided digital healing platform, Survivor’s Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a reminder that healing is possible. With 36 lessons created by Black, Indigenous, and brown practitioners ranging in depth from 5 to 25 minutes and modules exploring creating affirmation practices, breathing exercises, and compassionate self-touch, survivors are welcome to begin or continue their healing journeys wherever they are. Meet us in the Sanctuary today; your healing awaits.



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Partner With Us!

We collaborate with organizations in our ecosystem working to end sexual and gender-based violence and child sexual abuse while advancing racial justice, healing justice, consent education, and survivor leadership. Join us!


me too. Global Network

me too. International and Global Fund for Women are joining forces to support global, interconnected, and intersectional movements to end sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

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