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Survivor Healing Series

What is the Survivor Healing Series?

The series of virtual sessions led by healing practitioners will focus on introducing tools and practices that can help you navigate crisis and trauma, as you begin to rebuild a sense of safety, joy, and overall healing. As survivors, we are resilient and brave and this series is an opportunity for you to add to the skills and tools that you already have and use every day to navigate your triggers and trauma. Together, we will be learning how our stories can be a tool of empowerment, how we navigate shame and guilt, and how we move in our healing journey towards joy and pleasure.

Black History Month x Survivor Healing Series: Count it All Joy 

The third installment of the Survivor Healing Series speaks to the transformative power of Black Joy. As we walk in the legacy of our ancestors, working to disrupt sexual violence in our homes and communities, all the while deepening our healing journeys, we invite you to pause and consider what joy makes possible in the movement to end sexual violence. 

Week 1: The Emotional Continuum  

Where there is joy, there might also be anger, sadness, and fear. This session will explore the continuum of emotions necessary for us to heal and get free. 

Week 2: Pleasure as a Portal (Closed Session) 

Violence, stress, and trauma can rob us of our ability to experience pleasure, this closed session invites survivors to reconnect with themselves through sensual self-touch and affirmation.

Week 3: We Believe that We Will Win

Our joy is our resistance. This session will explore how we use Black joy in our resistance struggles and explore collective art-making. 

Week 4: Rituals and Recipes for Healing 

Cooking is a site of joy and ancestral wisdom. In this session, we will cook together in order to commune with one another. 

Download the SHS III Workbook

The third installation of the Survivor Healing Series: Count It All Joy speaks to the transformative power of Black Joy. As we walk in the legacy of our ancestors—working to disrupt sexual violence in our homes and communities, as we deepen our healing journeys—we invite you to pause and consider the transformational power of joy as a tool within the movement to end sexual violence.

As you move through this book, you will find grounding activities, affirmations, and invitations to reflect. Most importantly, we honor you for investing in yourselves and your healing.

Virtual Healing Room

And as you engage with the Survivor Healing Series and embark on this brave journey, we encourage you to listen to your body and take care of yourself. If you feel triggered or need to otherwise step away, please do so. To support you, we have created a virtual Healing Room that features guided meditations, healing playlists, journaling, and activities for you to explore. You can click on almost every object in the room and you will be transported to an activity, resource, or tool to support you!

We’ve also created a glossary and supporting materials to use as a supplement to this series.

Watch Past Survivor Healing Series Workshops

Healing can be one of the most rewarding and nurturing gifts we can give to ourselves. For sexual abuse survivors, at times, that journey, especially in the midst of a global pandemic and a moral reckoning, can feel both important but scary or inconvenient to embark on.

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