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In 2017, the #metoo hashtag went viral and woke up the world to the magnitude of the problem of sexual violence. If you have questions related to the origins of the ‘me too.’ Movement you can learn about our History and Inception here and our Vision here.

me too. International is a decentralized, remote office. Our team is spread across several states. We have a mailing address at 245 North Highland Avenue, Suite 230 #808, Atlanta, GA 30307. This address cannot accept packages.

me too. International is the official, incorporated, organization name. We use it in more formal instances. ‘me too.’ is a shorter reference to the organization. It is more informal in nature. The ‘me too.’ Movement is the container for the work to end sexual violence, and #MeToo is the social media reference to an experience of sexual violence. However, as an organization, me too. International does not control the hashtag, and often individuals and/or organizations co-opt its use, sometimes in direct contradiction to the actual work of interrupting sexual violence.

me too. International’s work is to reframe and expand the global conversation around sexual violence to speak to the needs of a broader spectrum of survivors, including young people, queer, trans, and disabled folks, Black women and girls, and all communities of color. We work to build survivor power through narrative and cultural strategy – holding accountable the systems that perpetuate harm and violence; amplifying the experiences of marginalized communities in the movement to end sexual violence; and shifting mainstream, dominant frames to focus on survivor-centered, trauma-informed solutions to societal issues.

me too. International works through an “empowerment through empathy” framework. We support survivor healing and courageous community action through our programmatic offerings and events that emphasize healing, resource building and leadership. Read more about our programs in the Our Work section of our website.

We do not provide legal counsel, and instead will refer individuals to other organizations that do provide that service

We do not collect individual stories; there are several organizations that do collect stories, but we do not maintain an ongoing resource list

me too. International is not a reporting agency; we do not have the capacity to report incidences of abuse or violence to any law enforcement or legal entity

We do not have the capacity to provide direct, rapid response, individual service to survivors. If you need healing resources, please visit our Resource Library or ‘How can we help you?’ Tool to find the help you need, without delay.

me too. International does not publicize or amplify individual stories or campaigns

me too. International centers survivors in their own healing journeys, understanding there is no one better to lead in this work than survivors themselves. Within this positioning, ‘me too.’ utilizes an organizing approach to creating community amongst survivors. Alongside organizing amongst survivors, interrupting sexual violence in a real way requires advocates and allies who are empowered to get in action. To execute in these ways required a deep and strong ‘me too.’ Framework. The lens from which the totality of the organization’s work can springboard.

Our staff and nascent board reflect ‘me too.’s longstanding commitment to the work of ending sexual violence. We center women of color because we have been historically marginalized from care and protection, and continue to be. ‘me too.’ is for everyone, and is rooted in supporting survivors of color on a healing journey in a country that benefits from our existence but does not prioritize our wellness.

Past studies have shown that Black women and girls face higher risks of sexual violence than their white counterparts and historically, when they come forward, they have often been ignored, overlooked and not believed. Given that Black women and girls also face an intersectional array of obstacles in their daily lives—including racism, sexism, economic and educational inequalities, and threats to their physical and mental wellbeing—centering their stories and experiences is crucial in not only bettering their lives and outcomes, but of others too. Because as the Combahee River Collective wrote in 1978, “If Black women were free, it would mean that everyone else would have to be free, since our freedom would necessitate the destruction of all systems of oppression.”

‘me too.’ is a movement that works to connect all survivors of sexual violence to resources for healing. Any individual who has experienced sexual violence can identify as a survivor, and we value the survivorship of individuals of all genders- including men. ‘me too.’ rejects the stigma that men cannot be victims of sexual violence, and acknowledges that this stigma stems from misconceptions birthed by societal norms around masculinity. Men who are survivors, just like survivors of all other genders, deserve to be heard without judgement, and supported without hesitation.

We believe that sexual violence is a community problem that deserves a community response. Men are a necessary part of this community, and they can show up in this movement as survivors and as supporters of survivors in their lives. Men have the power to be more than bystanders when witnessing violence or aspects of rape culture play out. Men can show up in a variety of ways to actively work towards a world free of sexual violence. ‘me too.’ offers action toolkits for folks who want to be involved in interrupting sexual violence. We also offer a healing resource library that can be of use to both survivors, and individuals hoping to support survivors. We encourage men to utilize these resources and take action in their own lives and communities.

Being a part of The ‘me too.’ Movement means being a part of an ‘empowerment through empathy’ movement to support survivor healing and to interrupt sexual violence through survivor-led courageous community action. Our growing global community consists of survivors, allies, supporters, and advocates who work to advance survivor justice and commit to shifting the narrative around sexual violence around the world.

You can get involved with The ‘me too.’ Movement by participating in one of our digital programs, such as the Survivor Healing Series, or getting involved with any of our campaigns. If you’d like a lighter commitment or just want to stay updated with our work, you can simply join our digital community to get an introduction to what our work looks like.

You can also get involved by taking action! We’ve created the world’s first search engine for activism with Act Too, a platform that helps anyone at any time take action to create a world free of sexual violence.