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Healing is a lifelong journey and no matter where you are, we are here to help you find resources to support you.

Your Healing Journey

The healing journey is not a linear one; you may start, stop, and then start again. Your path is YOURS — no matter where you enter or exit, be encouraged in knowing that you’ve made it this far, and there are resources to keep you going.

To see how other survivors have found their way to healing, check out our Survivor Story Series video project.

Survivor Story Series

Heal on purpose today.

Our founder, Tarana Burke, often says: you cannot adjudicate healing. And what we know for a fact is that worldwide, survivors have learned that justice systems fall short in providing recovery. But something profound happens when we heal on purpose.

We launched a self-guided digital healing platform, Survivor’s Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a reminder that healing is possible. With 36 lessons created by Black, Indigenous, and brown practitioners ranging in depth from 5 to 25 minutes and modules exploring creating affirmation practices, breathing exercises, and compassionate self-touch, survivors are welcome to begin or continue their healing journeys wherever they are. Meet us in the Sanctuary today; your healing awaits. Watch the video, Heal on Purpose on YouTube.

Visit the Sanctuary

Do you need help but don’t know where to start?

Get Help

In need of immediate counseling and advice? Here you’ll find a list of national hotlines to get you to closer to what you need.

Hotlines & Chats

A comprehensive database of local and national organizations dedicated to providing services and safe spaces for survivors of sexual violence.

Healing Resource Library

Get information, tools, and tips from leading experts in the field on healing practices.

Healing Toolkits & Information

Telling Our Truths is our version of a blog, with thoughts from the field, practitioners, and fellow survivors.

Telling Our Truths

There are many ways to support the survivors in your life. Let us help you figure it out.

Support a survivor